About us


Hadjiev sport Ltd was established by Tsvetan Hadjiev, one of the pioneers of JUDO in Bulgaria and a co-founder of the Bulgarian Judo Federation. His name has come down in the world of sport as a master of judo, an exceptional coach and an outstanding international Olympic referee. He has been designated Bulgarias best judo referee of the 20th century and is the only Bulgarian awarded with a medal of merit by the European Judo Union.

Hadjiev sport Ltd is a producer of uniforms for the most popular martial arts: JUDO, AIKIDO, KARATE, JUD-JUTSU, TAEKWONDO and SAMBO. The products with the HADJIEV trade mark guarantee a high quality of manufacture, the materials and patterns and comply fully with the EU standards.

All models of the HADJIEV are made of 100% cotton processed by a special technology of HADJIEV which ensures high density, weight, perfect bleaching, coloring and non-shrink ability in up to 60. Our products have the perfect pattern of DJIEV meeting fully the requirements in the Rules of the International Judo Federation.

The uniforms are available in two colors: white and blue. The standard sizes are from 110 cm to 200 cm (with the sizes coming 10 cm apart) and match exactly the athletes height. The jacket can be matched with pants of a different size. We also take individual orders.